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Everyone needs to care about the planet, we've only got one after all.

That's why we are doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment and focusing on creating a better, sustainable planet for all.

Passion and knowledge of food is the driving force behind our sustainability

mission, helping us to take a proactive approach to current and upcoming food trend

development. Our research and development team help create convenience food

market-winning products and realise big food ideas well before our competitors.


Our new packaging utilises the latest innovation in packaging, with award-winning 200gsm card, the lightweight RecyclaLite skillets. These materials were selected for their environmental benefits and their ability to meet our high standards of quality and functionality. The RecyclaLite skillets are crafted from fully recyclable, FSC approved materials and are paired with a remarkably thin 12-micron film that ensures maximum product protection with minimal environmental impact.


This redesigned packaging solution not only supports the environment but also enhances the visibility of our products. The clear, lightweight film and vibrant, cleanly designed card provide excellent visibility for our sandwiches, ensuring they are as appealing as they are tasty.


By reducing the use of materials and opting for fully recyclable components, we are lowering our carbon footprint and setting a new standard for sustainability in the food packaging industry. We believe that it is our responsibility to lead by example, demonstrating that environmental sustainability and superior product presentation can go hand in hand.


Conserving energy is one of the biggest challenges in the Food to Go industry, a challenge we took head on and managed to successfully run on 100% complete renewable energy. 


Chart provided by havenpower.


In our ever increasing effort to reduce carbon emissions and create a positive impact on the environment, we have introduced our first Mercedes-Benz eSprinter as part of our Green Fleet initiative.

Pictured is our Transport Manager Martin Greenhough standing side by side with our beautiful new, eco-friendly van, Here's what Martin had to say "It was an obvious choice for us to start investing in electric vehicles, after our initial conversations with Adam and the guys at Northside Truck & Van | Mercedes-Benz we felt it would be the best option to start now and build for the future, making sure we are ahead of the trend and adjusting to the change."

Our new eSprinter marks the beginning of our involvement with electric vehicles, with our goal to reduce carbon emissions and increase our sustainability as a company.


Click here to read our Sustainability Mission Statement.

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