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We are committed to identifying, managing and minimising the environmental impact of our business operations. We have an environmental management system in place to help us manage our impacts and ensure that we comply with all relevant environmental legislation. Our risk management process also considers environmental risks on a site-by-site basis. We communicate our performance in this area in a transparent way.


  • The head of the Tiffin Social Responsibility Committee has the overall responsibility for establishing and implementing the environmental policy for Tiffin Sandwiches Ltd. This will involve liaising with the company’s independent environmental health consultants, department managers, staff and approved suppliers in order to ensure that the policy is consistent with all relevant environmental legislation.

  • Continuous development of the company’s environmental policy takes place in consultation with department management to ensure that the requirements of the policy are able to be fulfilled and that the information provided to the production site and National logistics is acted upon.

  • Tiffin’s staff engage in the development of the policy by the committee inviting them to air their views and ideas for improvements via a comment box placed in a central staff area.

  • Information relating to Tiffin’s environmental policy is included in all future tenders for new contracts.

  • It is the responsibility of the area managers to ensure that the requirements of this policy are actively pursued both on and off site.

  • The level of compliance with this policy will be assessed during the site audits carried out by the company’s head of the Social Responsibility Committee and will be subject to formal review by the company on an annual basis.


  • We encourage all our suppliers to minimise the amount of packaging used on incoming goods bearing in mind the food hygiene requirements for the protection of foodstuffs.

  • Suppliers are encouraged to use biodegradable or recyclable materials or reusable systems.

  • Wherever possible, with due regard to economic constraints, our production site will use ‘environmentally caring’ foodstuffs, this includes where ever possible certified animal welfare.

  • Tiffin ensure that none of our food contains genetically modified ingredients.


  • In all our production facility areas where possible, ecologically-friendly equipment are used. This includes the use of energy-efficient plant non- hazardous cleaning chemicals and waste material.

  • All staff ensure that the use of all types of power resources is kept to a minimum by responsible production practice. This requirement will be a key point for emphasis during staff inductions and ongoing training on environmental issues.

  • All staff ensure that all waste is disposed of in a hygienic manner in compliance with the environmental requirements of our Environmental policy.

  • Where the disposal of waste is the Client’s responsibility, the Catering manager will advise on the most appropriate method of disposal.

  • The company COSHH policy will ensure that the use of Social Responsibility Committee approved cleaning chemicals is carefully controlled and that all such chemicals will be stored, applied and disposed of in a prescribed matter. Preventing environmental harm through pollution is key.


Glass: To minimise the risk of food contamination, Tiffin ban the use of glass containers within their sites.

Cans: The company will promote the recycling of steel and aluminum cans by ensuring that, wherever possible, small bins for cans are placed in staff areas and nearby any drinks vending machines.

Plastics: Whilst we try and minimise the purchasing of ingredients in plastic we are unable to eliminate totally. With this in mind we have a plastic recycling infrastructure in place.

Paper and Cardboard: Tiffin minimise the amount of paper utilised during its operation. Scrap paper is reused then sent for recycling.

Printer Cartridges: Whenever possible we use cartridges that can be recycled using the bags provided for this purpose.

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