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Tiffin Sandwiches is fully committed to working with our suppliers to ensure that all Tiffin branded products containing Palm oil and Palm oil fractions are sourced from sustainable crops.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was established to promote palm oil production practices that help reduce deforestation, preserve biodiversity and respect the livelihoods of rural communities. The RSPO has established criteria to enable palm oil producing plantations to be certified as sustainable.

All Palm oil used in the manufacture of Tiffin products is certified as sustainable, i.e. Sourced through one or more of the ‘Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’ (RSPO) certified Sustainable Supply Chain Systems; ‘Book and Claim- Green Palm’, ‘Mass Balance’, ‘Segregated’ or ‘Identity Preserved’.

The policy will extend to Palm Kernel oil and derivatives, as certified sustainable sources become more commercially available.

In developing recipes, Tiffin will give all due consideration to the use of alternative vegetable oils, such as sunflower or rapeseed, in the products where this is viable.

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