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We are extremely proud of our long-standing heritage, which has established a reputation of ethical business conduct that dates back to 2000. Our company has been built through a rich blend of employees, products and services that make a difference in the lives of people throughout our community. Our employees share a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

In connection with the Tiffin Transparency, our code of conduct and staff Handbook are the basis for maintaining internal controls and external social compliance accountability standards for employees, approved contractors, and audited suppliers in regard to combating violations of current laws governing modern day slavery and human trafficking. Our Code requires all Tiffin employees, including those with responsibility for supply chain management, to know and abide by the terms of our Code.

We provide our code to each of our team members with direct responsibility for supply chain management, so they are better able to identify and mitigate risks associated with violations of laws governing slavery and human trafficking. Management employees must certify they have read, understand, and will comply with the Code. Our company does not provide employees and management with standalone training on human trafficking and slavery.

Tiffin uses independent third-party auditors who assess workplace standards, health & safety, environmental, and ethical business practices in our own workplace. The audits result in certifications against the applicable standards.

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