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The aim is to provide a range of procurement services, compliant with legislation, which will maximise buying power whilst taking account of social and economic values and responsibilities. Sustainable procurement can be defined as a process by which Tiffin Sandwiches can meet their needs for goods and services in a manner which benefits the organisation as well as society and the economy whilst minimising the impact on and damage to the environment. Sustainable procurement has been embedded within our policies as we recognise that food and sundry commodity choices have the potential to influence a healthy lifestyle incorporating: People, Profit and Planet (3Ps). Improving our procurement performance is a continual process. All our suppliers are important partners, able to make a significant contribution to our aim of improving and developing sustainable procurement.

Tiffin Sandwiches Sustainable Procurement Objectives:

Our key objectives are to ensure:

  • Compliance with environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.

  • Value for money, including consideration of whole life costs.

  • Framework Agreements structured and advertised to appeal to the widest possible number of suppliers.

  • Appropriate quality assurance standards for food safety, animal welfare and production.

  • Promote to clients, opportunities of the 3Ps.

  • Promote sustainability throughout the supply chain from cradle to grave and encourage the implementation of Environmental Management Systems.

  • Promote best practice

Tiffin Sandwiches Commitment to Sustainable Procurement Tiffin Sandwiches will endeavour to work with its suppliers and clients to implement the 3Ps through tendering and contract management as follows:


  • Promote good nutrition and health to contribute to UK dietary goals.

  • Promote responsible drinking and alcohol awareness.

  • Maintain / improve food safety and quality.

  • Promote increased use of fresh, organic and seasonal produce.

  • Promote animal welfare.

  • Support fairly traded food and drink within legislative requirements.


  • Promote best value.

  • Consider whole life costing where possible.

  • Energy – reduce or use alternative sustainable methods.

  • Broaden participation by Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s).


  • Explore opportunities to Reduce,

  • Reuse and Recycle packaging materials.

  • Promote more sustainable farming methods.

  • Encourage suppliers to improve the use and avoid the waste of natural resources

  • through cleaner processes and technologies.

  • Improve water efficiency and quality.

  • Endeavour to reduce carbon footprint and lessen emissions to impact on climate change.

Policy Management

Key Performance Indicators will be developed together with evaluation criteria to monitor and measure our progress and mitigate adverse risk.

Tiffin Sandwiches Accountability

  • The conditional testing of the use of natural resources and the minimisation of waste materials.

  • Exploring the opportunities for reuse and recycling of materials where appropriate.

  • Assisting and supporting Tiffin Sandwiches clients and customers with sustainability issues, through training and consultation.

  • Encouraging the use of sustainable transport for staff and clients involved in Tiffin Sandwiches activities.


The Tiffin Sandwiches Development Manager shall ensure that this policy shall form part of the tender documentation for each Framework Agreement.

This policy statement shall be readily available, to all external/internal upon request.

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